Adam’s Amazing Dream – 3D Interactive Pop Up Book

Peter Lacalamita has been a digital illustrator for many years and recently he has been creating 3D animations for broadcast TV and interactive games for the iPhone and iPad. He launched Adam’s Amazing Dream with a gifted writer, Nancy Morency, and created all the art and coded the app with the game engine Unity3D. Peter also creates apps for clients and is near completion of several apps that feature ferocious dinosaurs!

Adam’s Amazing Dream is based on the true story of a little boy that “sees” incredible things in his dreams. This unique story is sure to give you chills and re-inforce your beliefs in something beyond our world. It will give you an opportunity to discuss angels and the importance of dreams with your little one while enjoying Adam’s interactive pop-up world. In this first story of a future series, we meet Adam. He is a happy, expressive little boy that tells us about his guardian angel, Uncle Bono, who takes him to fun places, when he is sleeping. But this time, it isn’t Uncle Bono who visits him in his dreams, it is someone new…and Adam can’t wait to tell his parents about it! Take advantage of this wonderful, new way to enjoy a story with your child. Children can choose to read the story themselves, or have it read to them by the author. They will be captivated by the story, the characters and all of the fun interactive animation. Geared towards children 3-5 years of age. View the app in the iTunes Store.

Peter Lacalamita


Peter creates edgy digital illustration and animation for advertising, corporate, and publishing clients with a specialization in creating fun games for i-devices and the web. His programs of choice include 2D Photoshop, 3D Lightwave, Cinema4D, Unity3D, Silo2, Modo, and Web/OS game programming Unity3D. Recently he has created interactive worlds for new platforms such as the iPhone/Pad/Touch devices using Unity3D game engine.