Church Murals by Lyn Martin

These church wall murals were created by Lyn Martin for the Grace Episcopal Church in Chattanooga, TN. The Grace priest contacted Lyn for the project in order to make the entrance more welcoming while taking something from Genesis (the Creation) and honoring older parishioners that worked to have the church building raised. Part of the artwork that Lyn created was inspired by a prayer during a service about “the planets in their courses and our island home, this planet earth.” Lyn painted the walls on site using Benjamin Moore wall paint and traditional acrylics for the details. A different task for an artist accustomed to using canvas board and a computer – especially painting most of the time on scaffolding!!

Busy Bees Children’s Book by Lyn Martin

This is the second book in the Busy Bees series – Busy Bees On Broadway – by author M. Maitland DeLand, M.D. and illustrated by Lyn Martin.

Why do bees sing? Why do they dance? Grandma Bee and Bambino Bee embark on an artistic adventure to discover the magic of Bee Broadway. This delightful children’s book introduces young children to the magic of creative expression as the busy bees dance, sing, juggle, and perform in the style of well-known Broadway entertainers. Another exciting book project from our client – Greenleaf Book Group Press.

Lyn Martin

Night Picnic

Lyn’s airbrush illustration can be seen in children’s books, posters, puzzles, cd covers, and educational materials. She works in all areas but specializes in the children’s market – particularly children’s books and educational textbooks.