New Children’s Books by Alfred Schrier

Alfred Schrier recently wrote and illustrated two children’s books and is looking to have them published. The picture books contain roughly 27-34 beautiful illustrations each and exist as prototypes completely designed with all text in place. Contact us if you have interest and Alfred can submit printed laser copies for your review. Here are a few examples of the inside page art.

Prop – The Story of a Little Airplane

Clouds Are Kookoo

Distributor Business Model Poster by Alfred Schrier

A client remembered a cartoon illustration that Alfred Schrier had created many years ago for him (actually it was hanging on his office wall) and thought something similar would be a great way to kick off a marketing campaign for HIS client. The theme was software manufacturing distribution – Alfred’s goal was to come up with a Distributor Business Model. The result was a fun, busy, cartoon illustration for a large poster that depicted “A Day in the Life of the Distributor”!

Alfred Schrier

Alfred’s cartoon art can be found in all areas of our business – from advertising to children’s books with a definite humorous twist. He has produced children’s products, toys, books, maps. greeting cards, and caricatures for the editorial market.